“It’s an honour to be trusted by my clients and their families. My
greatest delight is knowing what each recipient wants even before they do
and making even the most impossible gift become a reality.”

Savour the rich details and fine craftsmanship of these timeless jewels, each considered classically elegant and cherished for their unparalleled quality. With an eye for the extraordinary, these pieces are carefully hand-selected for their uncompromising standard of beauty and excellence. Great care has been taken to showcase our specially curated assortment of exquisite rarities. Each piece featured is unique and available for private viewing in our NYC showroom or the comfort of your own home.

Sophia Roma Suite by Bvlgari


Offered for purchase in the early 1960s by one of Bulgari’s exclusive boutiques is a four-piece parure that shows the boldness of design Bvlgari is known for.

The necklace and full-length eternity bracelet showcase a descending line of oval sapphires in a gentle over/under pattern. Round diamonds on the inner and outer rims of the blue gems are set in a soft undulation, creating a pierced lace-like outline. Subtly graduated, the two-tiered pendant earrings display oval sapphires in a diamond surround. The earring’s short drop perfectly shows off beneath the short coifs and fabulous up-dos of the early 60s.

Pulling inspiration from the art deco period the ring is reminiscent of Mrs. Bvlgari’s famous “Trombino” made in the 1930s. At its centre is a jaw-dropping 5.5ct Burma untreated cushion cut sapphire flanked by baguette diamonds surrounded by glittering round pavé set diamonds, all on a wide dome-shaped mount.

Regina dei Flora Necklace


Named after the Italian goddess of flowers, this unique sapphire and diamond flower necklace was made with an eye for precision and beauty. The unique layout of 73 pear-shaped sapphires totalling 107.02 carats is delicately harmonized alongside brilliant white diamonds to form an intricate floral design that playfully dances between light and colour. A perfect blend between glorious royal blue gemstones and vibrant white diamonds, this necklace reflects a unique ability from the jeweller to capture the beauty of nature.

Imperio Azul Ring


Showcasing the beauty of a richly deep blue ceylon sapphire, the Imperio Azul ring is a powerfully distinctive creation. At the heart of the ring sits a captivating 22.65 carat emerald cut sapphire. Further illuminated by two 1 carat shield accent diamonds that sit astride the show stopping center stone, the ring is an arresting piece, dazzling to behold.

Le Roi Soleil Necklace


Unbelievably brilliant, “Le Roi Soleil” necklace redefines the Riviera necklace with its captivating fancy yellow diamonds. A breathtaking necklace that reimagines a traditional design, the dazzling display of 49 GIA-certified fancy yellow radiant-cut diamonds is devoted to showcasing the brilliance of its wearer. Skillfully set into 18 karat yellow gold mount, it elevates the yellow diamonds themselves into a work of art.

The Sun City Ring


Impressive in size and colour, The Sun City ring celebrates the staggering brilliance of its 40ct plus centre diamond. The yellow diamond’s exceptional qualities are further accentuated by its exaggerated rectangular step-cut outline and two fancy yellow trapezoidal diamonds that rest alongside it. Unabashedly displaying its fancy yellow colour, the ring is a true testament to David Rovinsky’s discerning eye for exceptionally vivid yellow diamonds.

The Radiance


A precious gemstone associated with happiness and new beginnings, the yellow diamond is David Rovinsky’s signature gemstone. With this brilliantly vivid yellow diamond ring, David Rovinsky celebrates the 25ct plus fancy vivid yellow diamond whose outstanding qualities are further accentuated by two gleaming white, trilliant accent diamonds. Unleashing its exceptional vivid yellow colour, this ring is an ode to eternal brilliance.

The Road to El Dorado Bracelet


Re-imagined to showcase the brilliance of its fancy yellow diamonds, the “Road to El Dorado Bracelet” captures the energy of the sun itself in this structurally dynamic tennis bracelet. A flawless example of David Rovinsky’s savoir-faire for rare precious yellow diamonds, the bracelet is extraordinary in colour and construction.

The Whirlwind Bracelet by David Webb


Art that imitates art, is transformed into its own masterpiece. “The Whirlwind Bracelet” by David Webb plays on the dramatic contrast between diamond and emerald, deep colour and white light. The attention-grabbing green emeralds set dramatically atop the bracelet are accentuated by the 18k yellow gold tendrils that reach out and over its gemstones. Sixty-seven dazzling baguette diamonds heighten the three-dimensional feel of the bracelet as they dance around the emeralds in showstopping theatricality.

La Trombino Verde


Jewellery once was the secret art of conveyance, wearable love letters with messages to be shared and deciphered by lovers. Originally designed in the 1930s as an engagement gift for Giorgio Bvlgari’s beloved fiancé at the height of Art Deco, this ring projects one word: Love. As the trumpet’s clear and resounding notes pierce the ears, this ring sends an unmistakable message to the wearer and all who see it. Green emerald, associated with love, hope, and harmony, symbolize the very canons of marriage. Nine decades after this iconic design first graced a betrothed hand, it is just as powerful, relevant, and loved as ever. Nearing 6cts, this cushion-cut Colombian untreated emerald displays a beautiful vibrant green colour. Cascading from the borders of the emerald are two descending staircases of baguette diamonds bound by delicate pave set round diamonds. The trumpets have sounded, and Bvlgari has answered.

La Dame Emeraude Necklace


A once-in-a-lifetime treasure, this incredible 9ct plus Colombian emerald caught the eye of the discerning Maison Cartier. Fashioned into the unusual portrait cushion shape not typical of emeralds and set into an exquisitely delicate and sophisticated seed pearl and diamond sautoir necklace, the spirit of Cartier pulses through every detail of its timeless feminine glamour. The natural deep hue of this remarkable Colombian emerald provides a precious elegance to the necklace. The “La Dame Emeraude” is the perfect union between human artistry and the wonders of nature.

The Ruby Red Ring by Bvlgari


As the masterful expression of Bulgari’s unstoppable quest for highlighting the precious beauty of colour, the “Ruby Red Ring” unites a classic design with an exceptional ruby for an inescapably magnetic ring. The 5.10-carat ruby takes centre stage in this ring as a rare gift from nature. Originating from the famous Burmese mines, a ruby surpassing 5 carats is cause for celebration. A natural wondrous colour, Pigeon Blood red, is one of the rarest colours in the world of gemstones. The balanced composition, exceptional rarity and unparalleled quality make this ring a treasure to behold.

1905 Glamorous Diamond Drop Earrings


An extravagant pair of diamond drop earrings, the “1905 Glamorous Diamond Drop Earrings” feature matching 6ct plus each old European cut round diamonds. Mastery of detail defines this pair of earrings, and the artful layering adds to the drama of the dramatic drop. To achieve a perfect balance between all of the elements special care was taken to hand-select each diamond. The beauty, balance and movement achieved by the master jeweller in creating the timeless grandeur of the jewels are still relevant and inspiring more than a century after their creation.

The Modern Antique Tennis Bracelet


At David Rovinsky Fine Jewelry, we hold a special affinity for the preservation of timeless beauty. Old European cut diamonds remain one of the most beautiful diamond shapes for the history they carry in every facet. Each diamond has a special charm because the diamond cutters of yore relied on their eyes and skilled hands, rather than technology, to cut the precious gems, making each diamond unique. A mastery of detail defines this tennis bracelet as 26 Old European diamonds are perfectly set into a contemporary setting that allows for the brilliance of each diamond to shine through.

The Everly Bracelet


Brilliant and sophisticated, the “Everly” bracelet celebrates the alluring shine of emerald-cut diamonds in a cool contemporary look. Featuring thirty spectacular colourless emerald-cut diamonds – 1.50 carat each – mounted in a platinum line bracelet setting, this tennis bracelet expresses the very idea of modern chic.

The New York, New York Ring


A virtual glacier of diamond, over 16 carats of sleek art deco lines in the facets of this impressive gem epitomize New York in stature and design. From the hand-made double tapered baguette platinum mounting to the world-class centre diamond, from one detail to the next, the “New York, New York Ring” screams Manhattan.

The Everly Eternity Band


Expertly set in pure white platinum, a continuous circle of 13 emerald-cut diamonds give this eternity band an extravagant modern look. Absolutely luxurious, each 1.50-carat colourless GIA-certified diamond was hand selected by a graduate gemologist to perfectly match and create a streamlined, sophisticated look. A must-have for any jewellery lover, this eternity band is synonymous with boldness and distinction.

The Olympia Oval Diamond Eternity Band


Radiating brilliance and energetic light oval-cut diamonds are exquisitely unique. A fancy shape, its slender body creates a beautiful elongated look. 13 oval cut diamonds were carefully hand-selected by diamond experts to ensure each diamond perfectly harmonizes with its neighbours. The definition of modern elegance, the “Olympia Oval Diamond Eternity Band”, is an irresistible luxury.

The Southern Belle Ring


Stately and graceful, akin to its namesake, this romantic classic displays a full 6.91-carat colourless oval diamond amidst two bullet-shaped diamonds, shooting straight into your beloved’s heart.

The Victoria Bracelet


The energy of light flows through the “Victoria” bracelet as each oval diamond pours into the next in sinewy perfection. Twenty-one oval diamonds move from east to west in this modern tennis bracelet for a contemporary and elegant look. Set in platinum, all diamonds are GIA certified, making this “Oval Tennis Bracelet” a discerning luxury.

The Dew Drop Diamond


What dreams are made of… diamonds. A soft, billowy brilliance shines from this 20ct plus antique cut pear-shaped diamond. Diamond dust, olive oil, and studied devotion have transformed Mother Nature’s gem into a masterpiece. Unleash your creativity with the “Dew Drop Diamond”. Bring your most meaningful details to life with a custom-made design.

La Belle Rose


A beautiful rose of the gemstone world, pink diamonds are the most romantic gems in nature. This unparalleled 3ct plus Fancy Intense Pink VS2 radiant diamond hums with feminine bravado. Whether a self-love purchase or a token of love, this peerless diamond will make you blush.

Aphrodite’s Light


A warm incandescent hue exudes from this 9ct plus circular Old European cut diamond. A token of love and esteem, this lovely memento of a bygone era remains to garner affection and admiration from modern generations. Turn it into the antique-inspired old European cut ring of your dreams.

La Colombiana Camila


Untouched, organic, and pristine. An envoy of long, linear, archetypal facets reflecting the Earth’s truest colours, the stones are a nod to La Madre Tierra’s original creation. Surrender to the splendour of Mother Nature’s 4ct plus Colombian emerald birthstone by creating your own treasure.

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